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The suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald was killed in the basement of the Dallas police station, by a local bar owner, Jack Ruby. I think that was simply an artifact of copying Zapruder's movie On the day of the assassination he hand wrote, " the skull wound had avulsed the calvarium and shredded brain tissue present with profuse oozing I never saw and I don't think there was such a wound.

Possibility always seemed so utterly impossible before. Here are two photos that Pamela Brown took of the limo at Dearborn. So, if I say, what I have reasoned since then is that probably what had happened was that part of the cerebral hemisphere had been shot away, which caused the occipital lobe, you see, to fall down.

In many cases these were to be found either in notes prepared on the day of the assassination, in Warren Commission testimony a few months later, or in press interviews in the mid 's. The idea of a man holding me, telling me it was going to be okay - that was so far beyond what I imagined could be possible it was straight up science-fiction.

The fact that reporters were allowed to be around Oswald as he was escorted out of court was plain irresponsibility on the part of the Dallas police. It extended from the approximate center of the skull in the back to just behind the right ear, utilizing a left to right orientation and from a position a couple of inches above the right ear to the approximate middle of the right ear utilizing a top to bottom orientation.

Scandals and conspiracy theories run rampant in this society, which sustained Jim Garrison to ask what the authorities told him about the murder of JFK.

Per Robert Frazier CE was found on the seat right beside the driver and CE was found on the floor beside the right side of the front seat. Boswell and Humes believe JFK's skull entrance wound was low. This is a rule of life.

O'Neill felt it odd that while he had been interviewed by the Warren Commission's Arlen Specter, he had never been called to testify.

The day before JFK was assassinated

It was included in the press release of the Ford Motor Company for the Presidential limo, verifies that the car that became SSX, the primary crime scene of the assassination, was delivered to the White House with a privacy window.

David Lifton interviewed Stringer, in part, as follows: If the defect did extend forward, the anterior portion was quite small.

Only Salyer, who admitted to a poor vantage as he was positioned on JFK's left, claimed to have seen a right temporal wound. He reported that Bowron claimed, "I first saw the large wound in the back of the head in the car. This might be explained by a blood clot forming en route from Dealey Plaza to Parkland while Mrs.

The government, instead of upholding the desires for truth from it people, raised its court hammer and with a finalizing thump forced a fallible conclusion on to the public with a "take it or leave it" attitude. Provided to author by David Lifton. And yet, the car was still used as a parade vehicle while the SS knew it was unsafe in an open configuration.

I could very closely examine the head wound, and I noted that the right posterior portion of the skull had been extremely blasted. I saw something that night, a life stretching out in front of me that was possible.

The Assassination Goes Hollywood!

Colgan reported, "'When the camera crew arrived, Stringer's story had changed', said Stanhope Gould, a producer who also is currently at ABC and who conducted the on-camera interview with Stringer The second page was quite dark.

I was eighteen years old the first time a man kissed me. I can picture the sunlight in his chest hair right now. Robinson assisted with the preparations for an open casket funeral so preparation of the skull was especially meticulous. In addition, there was a wound low in the skull, presumably of entrance, that was the source of the throat exit wound, which he labeled bullet 2.

In January, he told David Lifton, "If you brought him in here today, I'd still say he was shot from the front. I tried to tell Lifton where the wound was, but he did not want to hear. Neither the Clark Panel nor the HSCA's forensic panel apparently considered the overwhelming agreement of both the Parkland and Bethesda witnesses whose skull wound descriptions were so at odds with their own conclusions about JFK.

After losing the presidential race to Kennedy, Nixon had lost the California gubernatorial race to Pat Brown. There was large defect in the back side of the head as the President lay on the cart with what appeared to be some brain hanging out of this wound with multiple pieces of skull noted next with the brain and with a tremendous amount of clot and blood.

It was not the author's intent to list every comment ever made by every witnesses, but rather to gather the earliest, and presumably most reliable, accounts for inspection.

Finally there was a wound on the back, labeled 3 but the bullet could not be found in the body Lipsey claimed. I hate to say Bob is mistaken, but that is clearly not right He cleaned blood from the back seat upholstery buttons, but did not try to clean the bloodstained back floor rug.

This car is witness to his murder. He insisted in the interview with Colgan that he did not recall his ever claiming that the wound was in the rear.

John F. Kennedy

Oliver Stone's movie JFK plays fast and loose with historical fact to try to convince viewers that there was a Kennedy assassination conspiracy. JFK: The Secrets of John F. Kennedy & His Assassination (JFK, assassination, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Has been shot Book 1) - Kindle edition by Larry Berg.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading JFK: The Secrets of John F.

Kennedy & His Assassination (JFK, assassination, John Fitzgerald. Jan 01,  · At one point toward the end of JFK, Jim Garrison (Costner) shows Abraham Zapruder's home movie footage of Kennedy's assassination to a courtroom full of appalled jury and spectators: as the fatal 5/5.

Essay on JFK Movie Movie Review Essay: "JFK" I don't believe that Oliver Stone nor any other individual associated with the research and execution of this film has the slightest idea about who killed President John F. Kennedy. in the 's, and you can read about it in my papers on the Cultural Cold War.

You may also consult the books of Frances Stoner Saunders. In this paper I will tell you what really happened that day, and what has really happened since For me, the single most important factual discovery in the JFK case is the discovery by the ARRB in the late s and the subsequent discovery late in the last decade by Peter Janney that the NPIC photographic facility in Washington, D.C.

produced two different sets of briefing boards using two different versions of the Z-film on the weekend of the assassination.

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